What would you do?

Poverty is our problem, not their problem. 

What would you do,

If this happened to you,

As you stood in the queue,

Like me.


What would you say,

If she got in your way,

Saying help me I pray,

Help me.


As you looked in her eyes,

Shifting from side to side,

With her arms folded tight,

On her chest.


She was desperate it seemed,

So she went to extremes,

Losing all self esteem,



I’m homeless she claimed,

Her dilemma explained,

Features twitchy and pained,

Life a mess.


Can you give me a tenner,

I’ll love you for ever,

It was all she could render,

No smile.


Would she spend it on booze,

Or drugs she could use,

To get rid of her blues,

For a while.


Or buy good a meal,

Get a hostel room deal,

With the desperate appeal,

Did it matter?


A tenner paid for my lunch,

Could I not share that much,

No matter the catch

With another


A person in need,

Who was driven to plead,

For a handout from me,

Just a sucker


So what would you do,

If she came up to you,

For a penny or two,

Would you give it?


Or just look away,

From the pitiful stray

And get on with your day

And forget it.