True Love 

Sometimes in life, we share unconditional love and it's just wonderful. 


I loved you from the start,


I have to admit

I checked your brother out first



Then my eye fell on you

And I knew,

That when the time was right

I would take you home

To share my bed.


I had no idea


You would steal so completely

Into my heart

And open up a love

I’ve never known




Or since.


A love untainted.


In all our time together,

You never made a promise you couldn’t



We had a deep,


You and I.


You were the only one,

Who never asked for

More than

I could give.


I could rely upon you

Right up until

That day

You passed



And left me.


With a hole in my heart


The shape of you.


You taught me how to live a

Full life.

A life of undemanding



Then you taught me how to have a

Good death

To move gently, without challenge,

Into the next phase.


I hope you will be waiting,

When my turn comes.


As I want to tell you

There was never another love

Like the one we shared.


My best boy.

My Oscar.

My cat.