Ever wonder if you are getting the whole story?

The real deal


As I drink my decaf coffee,

And eat my GM flakes.

I listen to the news,

Is it true or is it fake?


I want to get a handle

On reality you know,

Not live in perfect bliss,

In a kind of Truman show.


So I wander to the bathroom,

To put on some more fake tan,

Brush out my hair extensions,

As neatly as I can.


My false nails and eye-lashes,

Are the next thing I apply,

As I ponder on this issue,

Am I living in a lie?


I take off my faux fur slippers,

Put my pleather trousers on,

And my push up bra will help,

Restore the cleavage now long gone.


But my mind is still a muddle,

So I take my thoughtful query,

Turn on my Apple iphone,

And have a chat with Siri.


Siri can you tell me,

What is true and what’s a lie,

I don’t want to be bamboozled,

And this is her reply.


Fiona, you can trust me,

For I always tell the truth

But it’s an existential question,

I’m not programmed to diffuse.


So until I find the answer,

I’ll just hit my pleasure zone.

Put on my 3D headset,

And enjoy a Game of Thrones.