The Lost Day

Some days just don't go the way you plan. 

Got up late, rolled out of bed,

Made a cup of tea.

Thought to put my gym stuff on

But it was not to be.


The lazy bones had got me,

There was nothing I could do,

But while away the hours,

So I made another brew.


Argued the toss on facebook,

With folks I didn’t know,

What was the point of that I thought

I should have let it go.


The more I argued my side,

The more they moved away,

Now convinced of their position,

Seems it always ends that way.


I turned off the computer

With a stiff and aching neck,

So I ran a bath of water

And turned on the phone instead.


I continued to check twitter,

Till my thumb would flick no more,

Typed in comments with wet fingers

Till it all became a bore.


I sat and contemplated

All the things I had to do,

And I really did intend

To achieve that afternoon.


Perhaps I’ll make a list I thought,

Or better still a start,

But the lazy bones had got me

And I didn’t have the heart.


Slumping on the sofa,

I watched films on the TV

But it wasn’t like relaxing.

Just a lack of energy.


And the day it slipped away

While I stuffed my face with snacks.

Too much effort to cook food,

When the lazy bones attacks.


The best that I could do that day

Was turn it into verse,

But I just couldn’t be asked …