The Delutionist

I guess we all want to be deceived on some level. 

The delusionist is hard to see,

He looks a lot like you and me.

No top hat,

No gloves,

No cane

Blending in wins him the game.


He is so smooth and confident,

Yet every fibre fraudulent. 


The delusionist will tell you lies

Great big whoppers, porky pies.

He’s kind,

He’s brave,

He’s so romantic

He bends the truth with new semantics.


He creates his own life day by day,

You never know what he might say.


The delusionist deals lies not cards,

Fabrication by the yard

He sells

His story

Seeming truthful

Winning over your approval.


His stories will allay your fears,

And if they don’t he’ll shed some tears.


There’s one thing you must never do,

That’s tell him that his lies aren’t true.

He won’t


A word you say

He’ll just get mad then turn away.


Believing in his own illusion,

He’ll just explode at your delusion.


When challenged that he has deceived,

He has one more trick up his sleeve,

He’ll slip away

To start

A new

Then make another story true.


Of how the other did him wrong

But now he knows he’s found the one.


So listen up I tell you friends

This is how my story ends

I never knew,

I never asked,

I never looked,

Behind the mask


But when he left his story folded.

As the magic spell imploded.

He left behind the Queen of hearts

Who knew the truth as he departs

To tell more stories tall and shady.

As I became the vanishing lady.