The Challenge

Important when starting a new relationship that you are absolutely honest from the beginning. 

The Challenge



I do Tai Chi,

Don’t mess with me,

And I’m not taking



I know my own mind,

I am strong,

I’ve compromised,

For far too long.


I don’t do bullshit,


Flirting comments,



Won’t massage feet,

Or stroke male ego,

Won’t change my clothes,

Because you say so.


I’m no longer

Sexually active,

I’ve had enough,

Of looking attractive.


Of pampering,

My hair and nails,

Skinny jeans,

And killer heels.


Of worrying,

Will my partner blank me,

If I say no,

To hanky panky.


Don’t need clitoral,


Prefer you tickle,

My imagination.


With all that said,

You never know,

If you’re up for a challenge,

Then give it a go.