Tell the girl child ....

Without self-confidence, girls lose their power.

Tell the girl child,

She’s just not enough,

She must be more beautiful,

If she wants to be loved.


Tell her that her eyes,

Which can pierce a man’s soul,

Are dull and lifeless,

Without mascara and kohl.


Tell her that her lips,

Luscious and smooth,

Able to excite,

Able to soothe,

Tell her that those lips,

So perfect a pout,

Should be covered by lipstick,

Before she goes out.


Tell her that her skin,

Sensuous to touch,

Must hide behind makeup,

Powder and puff.


Tell her that her breasts,

Orbs of perfection,

Are too small, or too large,

To be of satisfaction.


Tell her that her curves,

Which sashay with rhythm

And light sparks of fire,

Should really be hidden.


Whatever you do,

Don’t tell her the truth,

That men lose their power,

To feminine youth.

That natural beauty,

Destroys their control,

Obsessed by desire,

They would give you

Their soul.


No tell her the lie,

And tell it her young,

It will last all her life,

Now the damage is done.