The square peg club

Ever feel like you just don't fit in?

The square peg club


Ever tried to fit in where you clearly are unwanted?

Ever tried to suffer the cold shoulder glance undaunted?

Ever tried to keep a smile while your ideas are thwarted?

And everything you say and do is horribly distorted.


No matter what I’ve learnt in life it seems my education,

Falls short of those around me full of self-justification.

They use a coded lingo to display affiliation,

To others in their set who share their mutual admiration.


I’ve tried and tried and failed to come up to their spec,

I guess I have to own the fact that I’m just a square peg.

So rather than suffer another ostentatious snub

I’ve decided to enrol in the exclusive square peg club.


Since I’ve been a member I can truly guarantee,

That I can speak my mind with refreshing honesty.

It really doesn’t matter if you argue or agree,

Because the only member of the square peg club is me.


I make all the rules and then decide which ones to break.

In this club there’s nothing which is labelled a mistake.

It’s all on the agenda to be tested with debate.

And every single member is encouraged to partake.


I’ve finally accepted that I’m different to the rest,

I don’t fit into round holes, no matter how hard pressed.

Square pegs are a nuisance, annoying and a pest.

But in the square peg club, the square pegs are the best!