Self-made man.

As wealth inequality increases we all pay the price. 


I’m a self-made man,

Took all that life could offer

And my first-class education,

Helped to open every door.


Got a lovely house in Surrey,

With a great view of the green belt,

But I have to pay security,

To keep away the poor.


I’ve got trouble in my bubble,

When the lousy, thieving scumbags,

Break through my defences,

Taking all that I’ve worked for.


The trouble with the bubble, (mate) 

Is that things in life aren’t equal,

And my lousy education,

Left me queueing at the door.


So, I took what life could offer,

Striving for a better future,

Breaking rules which went against me,

Just to even up the score.


Never asking for a hand-out,

Making money where I can.

Just like you my friend,

I’m a self-made man.