Ordinary Me

In celebration of the ordinary.


Little Miss Average,

Ordinary me

Always in the background,

Invisible to see.


Never won a contest,

Never won a prize,

Just watched from the sidelines,

With envy in my eyes.


Seemed the same people,

Won them all the time.

Just for being wonderful,

Without even trying.


Never had a teacher,

Take a special care,

To bring out a talent,

I didn’t know was there.


Didn’t get chosen,

For the annual school play,

Not Mary, nor Gabriel,

Ever came my way.


I was angel number five,

Or sheep number three,

Went on last, stood at the back,

Where no-one could see.


When it came to picking teams,

I never got to choose,

Just waited hopefully,

Staring at my shoes.


Every week in netball,

Defender was my place,

Confined to the goal post,

While the centre used the space.


Little Miss Average,

Ordinary me

Always in the background,

Invisible to see.


When I started working,

I didn’t get promoted,

Didn’t get a bonus,

Didn’t get noticed.


No-one said a thank you,

When I made them tea out back,

Or took the lunch time order

And went out to get the snacks.


At the Christmas party,

I seemed to spend my time,

Clearing up the tables,

Or pouring out the wine.


No-one came to find me,

To ask me for a dance,

So I washed up all dishes,

While I had the chance.


Looking at the photos,

You would find me at the back,

Making up the numbers,

Peeping through a crack.


 Then from out of nowhere,

Came an invite from the Queen,

To a palace garden party,

For those who’d not been seen.


She said the world relied,

Upon the ordinary ones,

Who kept the wheels a-turning,

While the others had the fun.


She gave out an award that day,

When we finished our cream tea.

‘The most ordinary person’,

And she picked me.


Little Miss Average,

Ordinary me.

Always in the background,

Invisible to see.