Nothing stays the same forever.


You were Peter Pan,

I was your Wendy.

We would fly to Neverland

Forever young and trendy.


You put a ring on my finger

And off we flew together

To keep our promise

And stay the same forever.


But pretty soon the fairy dust,

Of love was not enough,

My body starting changing,

You found it pretty tough.


My bouts of cystitis,

Interrupted the passion,

You were unhappy that,

Your pleasures were on ration.


Then my hot flushes

made it difficult to fly,

I couldn’t keep up with you,

No matter how I tried.


My elasticated trousers,

Upset your equilibrium,

You told me not to,

Ever leave the house in them.


And when I wanted PJs,

For comfort in the night,

You put your foot down,

And said it wasn’t right.


All this comfort dressing,

Was just me letting go,

Where were my skinny jeans

You wanted to know.


Invasive arthritis

Buggered up my knee,

Made me walk with stiffness,

Like I was ninety three.


As I coped with those hot flushes,

Arthritis in my bones,

A fading libido,

A love of staying home.


You took off to the stars,

And left me far behind,

And found a brand new Wendy,

The eternal youthful kind.


During our time together,

Ten years or more had gone,

I’m sorry I got older,

And spoiled all the fun