Making a stand

Photo by Robert Anasch on Unsplash

In celebration of all those making a stand to protect our envirnoment.


When did it turn to anger?

It’s really hard to say,

I was such a gentle person



When did I turn defiant?

I cannot give a time,

Just a stomach full of bile

Spilled over.


Why did I stand my ground?

Over such a trivial thing.

Why then, why that?

Who knows.


But you with your hat on,

Your authoritative badge,

You prickled at my defiance,

Till it hurt.


And I could hear my brave voice,

With just a murmur of a wobble,



I wished to exercise my autonomy,

And stand 

where I wanted,

Till I wanted 

to move.


I stood, defiant, by the door,

Refusing to leave,

Just because you,


Wanted me to.


Knowing that I could not win,

That I could not beat the system.

I wanted this small victory,

To stand my ground.


It was so petty,

So insignificant,

But it rankled you so much.

It was worth it.


copyright@dellareynolds 2018