Make your mind up!

It can be hard to know what to wear for a woman of a certain age. 

Open the window,

Open the door,

Take off jumper,

Throw on the floor.

Put on the fan,

Ramp it up high,

Open the vent,

Let the cool air fly.


Put on jumper,

Wrap it round tight,

Turn off the fan,

Get the fire alight.

Close the window,

Close the door,

Keep in the warmth,

Let the temperature soar.


Put out the fire,

Open the door,

Take off the jumper,

Wipe sweat from each pore,

Open the window,

Turn on the fan,

Put your head in the fridge,

And your feet if you can.


Pull on your socks,

No take them off,

Wrap up in a blanket,

Then strip off.

Turn up the fan,

Then back down low,

Pull on a woolly,

As your goosebumps grow.


First hot then cold,

Without a pause,

I hate this ruddy,