Love (noun) definition

Ever wondered what love is? 

Love needs to be clarified,

like butter,

It cannot stand alone,

as an entity to be attained.


Pure love is pure fantasy.


Love needs to be directed,

like traffic.

Love of man,

Love of nature.

Love of God.


Unfocussed love is pointless.


Love cannot be rated,

like a hotel.

One love is no greater,

than another.


Quantified love counts for nothing.


Love can be given but not received,

Received but not intended.

It can be withdrawn at any time,

like a library book,

and given to others. 


There is no love worth dying for,

For it is endless

And can be found again.


Somewhere else,

Somewhere you haven't looked.

For looking is futile.


It is already in you,

In all of us,

Just stick a label on it,

And know it to be love.


It is whatever