My husband always warned me of the dangers of 'letting myself go' - so once he went that's exactly what I did. 

Letting go



I can wear big knickers,

Double gusset, VPL

Skimpy thongs,

Can just go to hell.


 Can’t be bothered,

 To do the washing up,

Till great towers topple,

Or I need a clean cup,


When the cats spread their litter,

On the floor everywhere,

I just put on my tap shoes,

And dance like Fred Astaire.


I can cook, don’t cook,

I can clean, don’t clean,

I can slob, don’t slob,

Know what I mean.


I can spoil the cats,

Now I don’t have a man,

Feed them at the table,

Straight from my hand.


I can state my opinion,

Without your dominion,

Don’t need your permission,

To let myself go.


I can stay in my PJs

All day if I like,

Cut my hair short,

And dress like a Dyke.


I can leave my legs hairy,

My toe nails all scratchy,

Grow my pubic hair,

All bushy and thatchy.


 What was your problem,

With just letting go,

It feels bloody marvellous,

I’ll have you know.


No-one guides my behaviour,

No-one pulls at my strings,

A woman alone,

Is a wonderous thing.