Killed by kindness

In a democracy political apathy leads to an oligarchy and who's to blame for that? 

Why is it the bad guys

Can damage the planet,

Taking their money

And run?


Why is it the bankers,

Can load up the debt cart,

Paying back not a penny,

Not one.


Why is it the church

Can lie when protecting

The guys in the frocks

Having fun?


Why is it that government

Can kill off its people

With sanctions instead

Of a gun?


All killed by kindness,

The meek and the mild,

Not wanting to talk

About rape of a child,

Or mass extinction

Greed and corruption,

Not here in the suburbs,

With quails eggs for luncheon.


We’ve still got our tree,

So, it really won’t matter,

That out in Brazil

That far right-wing nutter,

Is cutting a swathe

Through the Amazon forest,

Allowing the money men,

Assets as promised.


Let’s talk about TV, gardening,

Or food.

When people talk politics,

It dampens the mood.

Let’s open a box set,

Sit round the TV,

Watch pretend drama,

From dear BBC.


To challenge our leaders,

Would be awfully rude,

They all try their best,

We can see from the news,

So, we’ll vote them back in,

Without checking their views,

And leave for our children,

A planet that’s screwed.