Kamikaze cabinet 

kamikazi cartoon.jpg

This is my take on how the Tory party are going to rebrand themselves once Boris & Co crash us out of the EU

It’s the kamikaze cabinet,

Deliver or die,

The disposable Conservatives

Take to the sky.


Boris in the cockpit

Raab by his side,

Shooting from the hip,

In the name of British pride.


They see the pound plunging,

The cost of living soaring,

But Boris keeps us laughing,

At least he isn’t boring.


They sell off all our assets,

To their chummy US mates,

Who bring in private healthcare,

To replace the failing state.


With direct rule in Ireland,

Sectarian warfare threatens,

But there’s money to be made

By selling both side weapons.


Wages soon start falling,

And we’ll all work longer hours,

When swift deregulation,

Gives the bosses all the power.




we wake up

To our self-inflicted pain,

Demand a change of leader

Seek stability again.


The kamikaze government,

Delivered - now they die,

The disposable Conservatives,

Are blamed for the lie.


Boris was reckless,

To pull a stupid stunt,

We’ll restore common sense,

If you give us one more punt,

We’ve a strong and stable hero,

To lead us from the front,

You can put your trust in us again,

Says new leader;

Jeremy Hunt.