I like his policies but ...

Just some of the comments I heard about Jeremy Corbyn when I stood as a socialist in the last general election. 

Here’s a politician who just doesn’t lie

But I can’t vote for Corbyn,

Cos he doesn’t wear a tie.


Here’s a politician who’ll restore the NHS

I would vote for Corbyn

If his beard was not a mess.


Here’s a politician who’ll take back the trains we sold,

Well, I do like his policies,

But I find he’s just too old.


Here’s a politician who’ll swap student loans for grants,

I like that idea,

But he hasn’t got a chance.


Here’s a politician who’ll make rented homes respectable,

I don’t disagree,

It’s a shame he’s unelectable.


He’s honest and he’s true but I’m not going to plead with ya

Knowing that your mind has

Been made up by the media.