I know what happened!

Sometimes people just seem to disappear. 

Was a typical day,

And you just popped out,

To pick up a paper,

A Guardian no doubt.


To read about politics,

And world events,

And your mind went blank,

And you lost all sense,


And now you are sitting,

In a padded cell,

Without a name,

And no-one to tell.


No wonder you haven’t phoned.


I know what happened!


You were out in the car 

Just driving along,

Not a care in the world,

Till you heard a strange song.


So you went to pull over,

To follow the sound,

Drove straight off a cliff

And have never been found.


No wonder you don’t return my texts.  


I know what happened!


You woke in the morning,

And a grisly bear,

Was sitting at breakfast,

Combing its hair.


You ran out of butter,

And then out of bread,

So the grisly bear,

Ate you instead.


No wonder you haven’t read my emails.


The unanswered questions,

Drive me insane,

Keep me awake,

And mess with my brain.


Just tell me it’s over,

That you have moved on,

Just give me a clue,

As to where you have gone.


Tell me I bore you,

Tell me I’m fat,

Or that I annoy you,

I can take all that.


But to just disappear,

And ignore all my calls,

Is the act of a man,

Without any balls.