I am myself

(and no-one else).

In life, there is one person you can always rely on. 

I wish I knew you sooner.


Being a thumb sucking, knocked-kneed kid,

Disguised your potential.

You stood on the side-line of life,

I should have invited you in.


I recall your twenties,

You found your first love,

Thinking it your last love,

For love lasts forever right?


I was there at your wedding,

And there at your divorce,


When you lay in the bath,

As the water went cold,

And the tears ran dry,

I lay there with you.


I felt every heave of your heart,

Every twist of your gut,

I held you in the darkness,

When no-one else was there.


In your mid-life you lived dangerously,

Exploring your sexuality,

Finding for the first time

How utterly appealing you could be.


You are the only person,

Who has never left me,

After promising

To stay.


Now in the hinterland of life,

I know you so well,

And trust your strength so intensely,

That darkness can hold no fear.


I wish I knew that sooner.


copyright@dellareynolds 2019