Hot Stuff!

Some of us have our own way of staying warm when the weather turns cold. 

They call me the stripper,

I do it all the time,

On top a double decker,

Or standing in the line.


At a dinner party,

You may think this goes too far,

But before we get the starter,

I’ll be sitting in my bra.


Most times out in public,

I’ll stop at my strappy vest,

But as the temperature rises,

I can’t help but strip the rest.


As others walk in winter,

With mufflers at their throats,

Trying to stay warm,

By buttoning their coats.


I walk out in swimwear,

A bikini or a thong,

If I’m going somewhere formal,

I’ll put on a thin sarong.


My thermostat is broken,

Since I stopped the HRT

Now I’m living in the tropics.

Topping 64 degrees.


I can feel the flushes coming,

Starting low down at my feet,

Till my body’s radiating,

And I strip off in the heat.


I’ve tried the old black cohosh,

The red clover and the sage,

It really makes no difference

With my hormones in a rage.


I just can’t keep my clothes on,

When I’m sweaty and I’m hot,

So I went to see the doctor,

Stripping clothes off on the spot.


He thought of a solution.

And this is what he did,

He used my heat and power

To boost up the National Grid.


So I plug in every morning,

And the heat it seeps away,

Now I can keep my clothes on.

While I earn some extra pay.