When the government make new tax laws they invite all the big auditing companies to the table and together they make tax loopholes for the benefit of their clients. 

What’s that you say, more tax to pay,

Just because I’m loaded

You socialists won’t be happy,

Till the economy’s imploded.


You people haven’t got a clue,

Of all the things I do for you,

What is it that you just don’t get

About the trickle down effect?


You don’t demand - I give to you,

The right amount, I feel is due,

I pay my way and then some more

Apart from what I keep off-shore.


But if you’re greedy then be warned,

I might take off if I feel scorned.

You know that if you push too far,

I’ll go to Macedonia.


I am a wealth creator

Without me you’d all be lost

Pay your tax for my incentives,

Or the worker’s lose their jobs.


You know that our accountants,

Advise governments for free,

Creating new tax loopholes,

Is as easy as can be.


So stop squealing for a tax hike,

It’s the way it’s always been.

Reward the rich and not the poor,

Up yours! from Philip Green.