Dish me a dollop of poetry

Writing poetry in a given form can inhibit creativity so why not start with a dollop and see how you get on?

Dish me a dollop of poetry,

with a sprinkling of rhyme on the side.


Pour me a soupcon of balladry,

With a small pinch of passion applied.


I don’t care if it has perfect meter,

If it’s true to a well-chosen form.

If the stanzas are tidy and neater,

And the couplets are clipped to conform.


Let the words stand free of convention

Let them settle wherever they fall.


Let them dance and cavort on the page I say,

Let them challenge and break every rule.


So dish me a dollop of poetry

A splash or a splodge or a splatter.

As long as the meaning can move me.

The rest of it just doesn’t matter.