Detox Diet
Thinking of going on a detox diet? 

Happy Detox!


Going on a detox diet?

Things to do before you try it.


Temptation must be kept at bay,

Take all forbidden foods away.


Eat the chocolate, eat the sweets,

Eat the crisps and eat the treats.


Now your cupboards are detox clean,

Soon you’ll be a lean machine.


Next stop, polish off the booze,

Opened bottles must be used.


Drink the wine and drink the gin,

Nearly ready to begin.


Dairy’s not a good idea,

So finish up the butter dear.


Spread it thick onto your toast,

Ooze on crumpets, smear on roasts.


The cheese you can consume on crackers,

Once you detox, no more snackers!


And knowing meat just can’t be taken,

Make triple-deckers with the bacon.


Now watch those extra pounds fall off,

Once there are no snacks to scoff.


It may not always work first time,

Don’t be disheartened, all is fine.


If you increase instead of slimming,

Just start again from the beginning.


Happy Detox!