When women reach a certain age they can become more outspoken. This must have been one good way to silence them.

Burn the witch,

Burn the witch,

That bolshy old woman,

She knows too much.


She knows how to cure the sick,

Just by mixing herbs and sticks.

Must surely be the devil’s work,

When we wise men can’t heal the hurt.


Burn the witch,

Burn the witch,

She’s lived too long,

And can’t be tricked.


She knows that we the patriarchs,

Don’t know our elbow from our arse,

That we rule by bluff and swagger,

She sees right through our empty blather.


Burn the witch,

Burn the witch,

For having thoughts,

Beyond our reach.


Just by being she bends our truth,

Offends our eyes, with loss of youth,

What use a woman without a man,

To give her purpose on this land.


Burn the witch

Burn the witch,

Or hang her high,

And watch her twitch.


And let the burning be a warning,

To any woman not conforming.