Sometimes less is more. 

I had a velvet scrunchy,

I took it everywhere,

And I could always find it,

When I tidied up my hair.


I loved that velvet scrunchy,

It was perfect for me,

So next time I went shopping,

Got another a set of three.


One went in my handbag,

Another in a drawer.

I hung one in the bathroom,

On the hook behind the door.


I had one in my pocket,

At least I did the other day,

But now I just can’t find it,

Seems it must have slipped away.


And the one from the bathroom,

Is no longer on the hook,

I’m annoyed I just can’t find it,

No matter where I look.


I went to tie my hair up,

Getting ready for a run,

Since I got the extra scrunchies,

I can’t find a single one.


So, the moral of this story,

Is sometimes less is more,

I only need one scrunchy,

I don’t need four.