At first we danced the tango

The secret of a lasting love affair is to stay in step with your partner. 

At first we danced the tango,

When the passion roused your ardour,

With the promise of forever,

You held my body ever harder.


When we entered into foxtrot,

You adjusted to my pace,

Happy to be guided

By my welcoming embrace.


At the waltz you started quipping,

That the action was too slow,

Why not do a paso doble?

Why not let our bodies go?


But when the music started

For the menopause bolero

You tired of the dancing

And your interest fell to zero.


You wanted to return

To the passion of before,

Swing your partner to a samba,

Do a quickstep round the floor.


With fast collapsing arches

And a body hot, then cold

I could not dance to your tune,

Though you pleaded and cajoled.


And I thought my dancing days,

Were over when you left

But now I’ve come to realise that,

There’s rhythm in me yet.


So I need a new dance partner,

Someone who understands,

That a menopausal woman,

Needs a gentle, guiding hand.