Argue the toss!

Watching Brexiteers argue with Remoaners it seems to me that facts are irrelevant. 


Believe what you want,

We all make our own truth.

Cherry-pick our own facts,

Ignore those we can’t use.


It makes us feel safe

To believe what we do,

And though life events change,

We keep our point of view.


We can see with our eyes,

That things aren’t what they seem,

But we go with the herd,

Like we’re all in a dream.


When I state my opinion,

You twist my words round,

Using language semantics,

To confuse and confound.


And you think you’re so clever,

With your counter attacks,

But you’re fooling yourself,

By ignoring the facts.


So stay in your bubble,

With defensive delusion,

You’re better off there,

That’s my honest conclusion.