A lady of a certain age...

The sexy sixties girls get real. 



A lady of a certain age,

May just prefer a cuddle,

A hand to hold,

An arm enfold,

Kisses soft and subtle.


What use to her a rampant man,

Who’s always keen to squeeze her,

Who wakes at dawn

With full-blown horn,

And promises to please her.


Who hangs around the kitchen,

As she serves up the food

With his ardour

Ever harder,

Hoping that she’s in the mood.


So ladies if you suffer,

From an overactive spouse,

Take my advice

Use his device

To help around the house.


Perhaps you need a bike stand,

A tow bar for a pull

Umbrella hook,

Stand for your book,

Or help with winding wool.


A place to hang your glasses,

While you take your morning shower,

A bagel store,

For three... 

or more

Display a single flower.


So ladies, please do try this,

And if he raves and rants,

Then tell him,

Till you want him,

Just to keep it in his pants.