My cat's a radical

Solitary Sunday - takes on a whole new meaning since lockdown.  

Click on the picture to read the poem. 

In times of crisis - share a cat poem to cheer everyone up. 

Kamikaze Cabinet

My take on Tory rebranding after a damaging, crash-out Brexit. (click on the picture to read the poem)
kamikazi cartoon.jpg
solitary sundays.jpg
winning poem.

Winning performance at Rhymes with Orange. (click the picture below to see the Poet in Pyjamas in action)

R with Orange pic.jpeg

The poet in pyjamas 

Performs live 

West Fest, West Molesey

Stand up for Labour Woking.

CornerHOUSE, Surbition

About Me

All about me.

Instagram @poetinpjs

During my second marriage, my husband objected to me wearing pyjamas saying it was 'letting myself go'.  So once he left I went straight out and bought myself lots of PJs.  Then to get over myself I started to write poetry, first about him and then about everything else that came into my world. So it made sense to call myself the Poet in Pyjamas as most of my poems were written in the wee small hours, wearing my pyjamas. 

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